Griffon Hoverworks Ltd

Shades Technics Ltd wins contract to supply leading Global Hovercraft manufacturer; Griffon Hoverworks with a contract for two large craft for Saudi Arabia. A modular design was developed for the entire crew area (including galley, toilet and rest areas) that could be modified and adjusted for future projects without additional tooling costs whilst benefitting from economies of scale associated with Shades Technics’ global market.


MCV Partnership

Shades Technics Ltd develop partnership with Egyptian Bus and Coach market leader MCV (Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles). The brief was to develop a European quality & specification product (hot drinks, refrigerator etc), but crucially that manufacture could be transferred locally in Egypt within 12 months of development. It was crucial to consider this remit during the entire design and development stage to ensure that the required processes and quality control existed within the local supply chain. Several training visits were carried out to underpin and support the transfer of manufacture from the UK to Egypt and ensure a seamless transition.

Wireless/USB Charger Table

Shades Technics Ltd develop Bus and Coach table capable of incorporating both wireless and USB charging facility.


Shades Technics develops Turkish partnership

To cater for the Southern and Eastern European markets together with the Middle Eastern markets, Shades enters a partnership agreement in Turkey. Design, development and R&D remains in the UK, whilst manufacture and assembly takes place locally.


Shades Technics develops Mexican partnership & market

To ensure uninterrupted supply and support to the important Mexican market, Shades Technics begins to build relationships with Mexican partner companies. Design, development and R&D remains in the UK, whilst manufacture and assembly takes place locally.


Shades Technics develop the Stainless Steel variant of the “Hydroflush” system

Proving popular with high-end customers & operators, the stainless steel version of the standard “Hydroflush” bowl is manufactured from high grade stainless steel and features a highly polished finish. By the beginning of 2011, there were approximately 10,000 of these units in worldwide circulation.


Shades Technics implements CAD software

To allow electronic interface with a growing number of clients, Shades Technics decided to introduce CAD software as the primary design and development tool within the design and engineering department. Every Shades Technics design engineer completes a comprehensive training course together with regular in-house training sessions and updates.


Introduction and development of “Swingflush” System

Developed primarily for vehicles that do not generate or use compressed air, the “swingflush” flushing system has proven to be both versatile and reliable in the field and can be offered either as a fresh water flush or re-circulating chemical system.


Development of 24vDC non-gas refrigeration unit

To reduce the labour time involved with re-charging and repairing gas powered refrigerators, Shades have developed a range of electronically powered cooling cabinets. Several capacity sizes and power outputs are available with the added benefit to both the user and the environment of not utilising any hazardous gases to facilitate the cooling function.


Development of “Hydroflush” System

In order to account for the increased demands and usage of a full sized passenger vehicle and to remove the negatives of a chemical toilet, Shades Technics develop their own fresh water flushing system. Known as the “Hydroflush” system, the company and operators soon realise the benefits of the more robust design and functionality of the system which is still widely used today.


Shades Technics introduce the first rotationally-moulded water tank to their range

Shades now offer a wide range of plastic tanks suitable for drinking, flushing or waste water in a number of shapes and sizes. A number of tanks include the provision for a 4″ access cap and both ½” BSP and ¾” BSP moulded internal threads and baffles.