Super Sani RC

Shades Technics “Super Sani RC” is a powerful disinfectant and deodourant supplied in the form of a water soluble sachet. The sachet provides a safe and effective way of sanitising recirculating toilet systems. It’s simple use and efficient method of dosage make it an ideal product for this type of mobile toilet application.

Super Sani ECO

Shades Technics “Super Sani Eco” water soluble sachets provide a safe and effective way of sanitising mobile toilet systems. The product has been specially formulated for treating waste tanks on freshwater flush systems. Its simplicity of use, biodegradable properties and efficient method of dosage make it an ideal product for mobile toilet systems. For re-circulating systems it offers a chemical free alternative for situations where a chemical biocide is either prohibited or undesirable.

Biodegradable Toilet paper

Toilet rolls made from fast dissolving tissue, perfect for coach toilets and areas with poor drainage-2 Ply, 36 rolls per case.

24vDC Air Freshener

Designed to act as an effective odour neutralising system which dispenses a precise dose of fragrance programmable to last for 30, 60 or 90 days. The 24vDC fan helps to disperse the fragrance in areas of poor airflow. Replacement cartridges are available in 9 different scents and supplied in packs of 6.

Water Filters

The Shades Technics Hydrofilter offers protection to the water heater and plumbing against scale and enhances the quality of the water with regards to taste, odour and colour. Features:

  • 6-month life
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • The Hydrofilter is made specifically for low pressure rating and contains the following filtration elements:
    • Pre-filter: Reticulated foam helps to stop larger particles, sediment, rust particles etc.
    • GAC: Granulated Activated Carbon removes Chlorine and reduces the presence of herbicides, pesticides and organic chemicals.
    • Scale Inhibitor: Polyphosphate inhibits the scale build-up on appliances.