Integrated Centre Stairs and Toilet

This rear cubicle has an angled entrance to compliment a rear emergency exit door. It also consists of a GRP base and GRP vanity and uses the vehicle for increased space and light. External walls are finished in laminated plywood to complete the assembly.


Fully integrated cubicle and centre staircase assembly. The entire assembly is designed to be installed as a one-piece assembly as part of a single installation process. This “plug & play” approach ensures that maximum efficiency is achieved during the installation process and that any “finishing” required by the coach builder between steps and cubicle is removed from the process. The fibreglass stairs are delivered finished, ready for step edging attachment and requires no additional painting or covering. Significant weight saving (over traditional steel steps) is achieved using the GRP steps.

Centre step litter bin

Integrated litter bin assembly for front and centre stair assemblies. Litter bin capacity 10 Litres. Fine textured GRP Surround and litter bin door to match step and cubicle exterior