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  • abs bowl
  • freezer
  • stainless steel bowl
  • airfreshener
  • smoke alarm

ABS bowl

A more efficient and better performing version of the “Hydroflush” bowl has been developed using ABS. The new bowl surround removes the requirement of a metal splash shield and benefits from anti-bacterial properties.

24v Freezer

Our 24 volt unit is capable of keeping dairy products frozen at -18deg C without the use of a gas compressor. The unit has been specially designed for the 24vDC automotive market and as such does not require an inverter.  The unit also features spike protection and a battery guard to allow the unit to run whilst the engine is off but will cut off before the power from the batteries is drained.

Stainless Steel Bowl

Popular with high-end operators and builders, the stainless steel version of the “Hydroflush” bowl is manufactured from high grade stainless steel and features a highly polished finish.

24vDC Air freshener

Shades have developed a 24vDC (mains operated) non-aerosol air freshener.  The device uses a Hydrogen-cell powered replaceable cartridge and an integrated fan creates a positive pressure to fragrance the area of the cubicle.  The unit can be set to last for either 90 or 60 days.

Under seat refrigeration and stowage compartments

Areas of redundant space on the vehicle were identified and a solution for refrigeration and storage has been developed.  The areas are either between the last row of seats and the toilet/rear saloon wall or where two sets of seats are laid out in a back to back fashion which creates a triangular aperture between the two.

24vDC Smoke alarm

Suitable for OEM and the retro-fit market, the unit is available with either the standard audio alarm or can be upgraded to send a visual or audio warning to the dash through either a warning lamp or through the vehicle multiplex.  The unit does not require batteries.